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The term "Work" sound like a chore that has to be done, just to get food on the table and pay the rent. Music for me isn't something i do to get paid, it is a desire and passion. No matter if you are a musician or director, i can assure you that i will put my sole pureness of my heart into the project. it is just like working on a stone figure - you keep on chiseling away, until it is where it needs to be. Not too much, but not too little!


As a very versatile media composer i tend to use a more classical method, but with a modern texture and simple movements and twists. With everything from small chamber string arrengements and intimate recordings to large, lush and synthesized soundscapes and soundcollages that fills the space to the maximum.

When working on a track, the idea starts with you! From the very fist step, in the brainstorming and writing phase to the post-writing phase like recording, mixing and mastering. This gives you the time and energi to focus on the product, and thereby not looking for a studio, mixing engineer and final master. YOU get the whole package, and not only the songwriting.

Ping pong & repeat