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Stilhed (Silence)

"Stilhed" is a short but powerfull project, that tells a story without telling it. - Released June 11, 2020
Anders Ravn Skibsted, Director

Stilhed (Silence)


After working with numerous composers, all over the country, it can be said that Viktor is a fantastic addition to every team and production.

skilled, hard-working, persistent and willing to adapt!


Lasse Gottlieb, Director

Edith / HappySadface Productions


In my work with Viktor, i have met a super talented, ambitious and polite media composer. In the conception of "Edith", Viktor has worked effectively and with no complaints, even in the smallest of details

The short film Edith is about a lonely elderly lady, who fight for not feeling lonely after the loss of her husbond. The struggle gets easyer, when she finds a penn.pall, but when the pandemic arrives, she has to isolate her self, and can't meet her friend. - Released May 6, 2020.