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+45 20 11 35 44

Contact me regarding your project and price

The reason why i don't mention prices, is because every project is different and definitely in something so close and personal as music.

Contact should be easy, therefor i am available anytime at mail and from 8 to 22 on phone. Because COVID - 19 is, sadly, still an  ongoing virus, i would prefer phone calls and mails, but please consider contacting me, even if its just for a talk and a cup of coffee (under the right conditions and circumstances).

Plus, by signing up, you will have the ability to see when new music is put out and films are being created!


Send a mail with your 20 - 30 second idea, this could be everything from a chordprogression to a vocal-line. I will then send you my take on the idea, if i can see myself in it.

Tel: +45 20113544


Thank you for your submission