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About me


Viktor Andreas Stenger Astrup

I am a 20 year old sound designer and media composer from Ribe, Denmark. I have just finished my gymnasial education with A-level in Music and English. I am working part-time in various local shops in my city and the other half on music. In some of my own sparetime music, i have worked closely with Jacob Hansen (Volbeat and Dizzy Mizz Lyzzy) and with the danish cabel channel "DK4".


I have always believed, that creativity can't be limited or contained, so therefor i am offering 100% satisfaction with the product. This means that i can only be happy when you are! Even if it takes 100 drafts!!!


I usually tend to work long hours, so when it comes to mixing and mastering Frederik Dinesen takes over and works his magic. Thanks to him, i do not have to explore a whole univers of mixing myself. Check him out!

All The pictures on this site is taken by the talented Andreas Stauner and i can not recommend him more, if you want high quality at a affordable price!


What are you offering?

A: As a man of music, i am offering a packaged solution for for the artist who wants, Brainstorming, songwriting, recording, mixing and mastering in one single package. For the director who needs a score for his/her project, i offer scoring, soundesign and mix & master of all audio.

How to get in touch/contact you?

A: You can send me a messege here regarding the project or idea, mail me or call me and we can then discuss the project and how to approach it.

What is the typical price for a project?

A: All my projects are priced indivudually, from movie scores to an album for an artist. Music is an artform, there is no right or wrong, therefor you can contact me, if you are curious about your project. (USUALLY AROUND 350 EURO PER SONG,) This Includes Songwriting, topline, Unlimited revisions, "producer glasses", Mix & Master.

What DAW are you using?

A: It depends on the project, but i mainly use REAPER as my preffered DAW and AVID Pro Tools, if needed for the specifik project.

What do i need before we start?

A: Some people come with an almost finished product, but A sole idea is more than enough!